Protect yourself in the "aftermath" of having to defend your life and liberty.

We are affiliated with CCWSAFE to ensure our ADAT Student Family have the best opportunity to get the protection they need from Criminal, Civil and Administrative litigation.

Its inevitable that YOU will have a second attack on your personal freedom to LIVE...proving that you did so in self defense & ensuring you are defended from civil and administrative litigation is equally important.

Get your membership and get the best coverage with "NO out of pocket expenses" to defend yourself in all legal matters.

More info to be posted in the mean time don't waste time on what WE have already researched... CCWSAFE is the best in the business!

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*Above memberships already include $250,000 "Bail Bond" so don't worry about getting the added bail bond protection option. Stick to the regular options for ample coverage*

CCW Pros