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​How To Register For A Class

First, check for dates/times/city below that are currently available. Once you see one that fits your schedule you will need to do the following:

Email to redeem your voucher and reserve your spot and include:

Name, Cell Number, Deal Site Name,Voucher Number, City and the Date/Time of class you wish to attend. 

Please ensure you are providing the correct "redemption number" however you will still need to bring your VOUCHER to class unless we have redeemed it.

If your registering multiple people please provide the above info for each person and in the order you see mentioned...this speeds up the registration process so we can get you set up faster!

Once you are registered you will be emailed a confirmation that will include further instructions and  MANDATORY videos to watch prior to class.

See you soon and thank you for your business!
*Venue changes may occur as needed so check website the night before and the morning of the scheduled class to confirm location/times*

**Please arrive 10-15mins early...we do NOT wait for late students and often the venue doors will be closed after 5 Minutes from the original start time. Failure to arrive early or on time will require rescheduling and a late/no show fee of $30**

​***DEAL SITE Voucher Purchasers can sign up for ANY CLASS in their State. So please sign up for the class that is either closest or offers the soonest most convenient Date/Time/City for you to join!
​                      ***UPDATE: COLORADO CLASSES *** 
Email register & join ANY CLASS in ANY CITY in COLORADO that is listed!!!

FORT COLLINS  Best Western University: 914 S College Avenue, Fort Collins 

Next Class:  TBA

DENVER/AURORA Double Tree Hilton 13696 East Illif Place, Aurora

APRIL Class: FRIDAY APRIL 17th. pick either 3PM or 630PM class

COLORADO SPRINGS Hilton Garden Inn: 1810 Briargate Pkwy Colorado Spring

APRIL Class: SATURDAY APRIL 18th. pick either 10AM or 4PM class

WESTMINSTER Double Tree Hotel: 8773 Yates Drive, Westminster

APRIL ClassSUNDAY APRIL 19th. pick either 10AM or 4PM class

We rotate venues so please don't you are welcome to sign up for ANY class listed above with open seating in ANY city during our APRIL Series in Colorado!!!


We REDEEM vouchers to reserve your seat in class!!!

Please take note that as of July 1st, 2013 ALL our courses will have MANDATORY Classroom portions to abide by the new Colorado State Law!!!

Most of the Sheriff's that are apart of the C.S.O.C. are abiding by their "sworn duty" to defend the Constitution and to Serve and Protect those that ELECTED them into their position.

The State makes it clear in that its considered a Shall Issue State and thus by design is to make it easier and to ensure that by meeting State Requirements applicants should have little issue obtaining permits. 

Unfortunately as many of you know the State is now making it more difficult by restricting which courses will fulfill the requirements to apply for a permit.

Our classroom courses offer you the additional insight on local laws and fundamental differences/issues in Colorado specifically.

One more interesting point of interest is that there are no guarantees of having your application approved even if the applicant meets or exceeds the requirements as set by the state.

This is actually written in as part of the Conceal Carry Legislation in Colorado!

The reason being that Sheriff's are able to utilize loopholes that specifically state in the legislation of conceal carry that they have the authority to deny and/or revoke an application or permit even if originally approved.

Please visit RMGO.ORG to learn about the challenges of Conceal Carry in your state as they are the leading organization who are fighting to ensure and enact laws that are PRO CONSTITUTION.

CLICK HERE...more info on what OUR classroom courses include!

Additional info listed below is offered so you have advanced insight on some of the concerns as well as links to actual websites that are important to include in your study of Conceal Carry Law in Colorado and across the Country.

​To ensure that the Constitutional Rights of the People are not infringed it is extremely important to ensure that you ELECT governing officials who will hold those same values.

The biggest issue arrising for some applicants is that there "CHOICE" to decide how and which course to take is no longer an open option. 

When our Elected Officials "decide" on their "own accord" what it is we are allowed to freely "choose" when our STATE LAW gives us the "freedom" to do so it is time to reflect on whether the elected official is over stepping their "professional duty".

HANDGUNLAW.US - One of the best resources for all conceal carry law Nationwide.

​Senate Bill Article - Requesting continuity across the state is not it?