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​How To Register For A Class

First, check for dates/times/city below that are currently available. Once you see one that fits your schedule you will need to do the following:

Email to redeem your voucher and reserve your spot and include:

Name, Cell Number, Deal Site Name,Voucher Number, City and the Date/Time of class you wish to attend. 

Please ensure you are providing the correct "7-8 digit voucher code number" as your voucher is redeemed to reserve your seat.

If your registering multiple people please provide the above info for each person and in the order you see mentioned...this speeds up the registration process so we can get you set up faster!

Once you are registered you will be emailed a confirmation that will include the MANDATORY videos to watch prior to class & further instructions.

See you soon and thank you for your business!

*Venue changes may occur as needed so check website the night before and the morning of the scheduled class to confirm location/times*

*Please arrive 10-15mins early...we do NOT wait for late students and often the venue doors will be closed after 5 Minutes from the original start time. Failure to arrive early or on time will require rescheduling and a late/no show fee of $30*

​*Voucher Purchasers can sign up for ANY CLASS in their State. So please sign up for the class that is either closest or offers the most convenient Date/Time/City for you to join!


Des Moines/Metro 

MAY 25th Thursday - Start Time 6:30PM-9PM
MAHALO'S Coffee & Mini Donuts
4800 Mills Civic Pkwy #105 
West Des Moines, IA

*Complimentary Snacks*

Next class JUNE/JULY TBA


Don't want to wait for a class...request to use your voucher to the ADVANCED Online Video Courses!
Please take note that some County Sheriff's are not following "STATE LAW" and are utilizing loopholes beyond their intended purpose to decline student applicants.

Most of the Sheriff's in Iowa are abiding by their "sworn duty" to defend the Constitution and to Serve and Protect those that ELECTED them into their position.

The State makes it clear in that its considered a Shall Issue State and thus by design is to make it easier and to ensure that by meeting State Requirements applicants should have little issue obtaining permits. 

Unfortunately some County Sheriff's are creating their "own requirements" which may actually breach the preemption laws protecting applicants from such issues. 

One more interesting point of interest is that a few sheriffs who have declined an application have been overturned by a Judge when the applicant filed a formal administrative appeal!

Additional info listed below is offered so you have advanced insight on some of the concerns as well as links to actual websites that are important to include in your study of Conceal Carry Law in Iowa and across the Country.

​To ensure that the Constitutional Rights of the People are not infringed it is extremely important to ensure that you ELECT governing officials who will hold those same values.

The biggest issue arrising for some applicants are those who choose to take Online Training Courses with no additional classroom or live fire training. 

You should take note the the STATE has NO issue with this and accepts Online Training as it is not specifically in the legislation to decline it. 

When our Elected Officials "decide" on their "own accord" what it is we are allowed to freely "choose" when our STATE LAW gives us the "freedom" to do so it is time to reflect on whether the elected official is over stepping their "professional duty".

HANDGUNLAW.US - One of the best resources for all conceal carry law Nationwide.